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  1. Hello! Was there another Leadership Development Course that was geared toward new leaders with less years of experience, besides this LDC?

    1. Hi, Jonathan. Sorry for the slow response. Yes, there are other YWAM leadership courses that can be very helpful for newer leaders. I highly recommend the 3 month Leadership Training School (LTS) or the 2-3 week LTS Seminar. It is intended for new leaders, and helps to identify a person’s vision and develop a fairly comprehensive strategy and plan to work toward it. There is also now a 2 week version of the LDC called “B2B” for newer leaders. It stands for “Be the Leader God Wants You to Be”. Blessings, Jay

  2. Thank you for the access to information regarding steps to follow in dealing with such a sensitive subject. I feel that I am now even better equipped to deal with any situation in this regard that might come up. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Phil, this is a great blog entry. I remember a few years back when at a meeting in Thailand, Dean Sherman shared about Hebrews 4. Dean pointed out how the passage speaks about the rest of David (vs. 7) and the rest of Joshua (vs. 8). The rest of David is that overall constant Sabbath that we must have by believing in faith that God is taking care of us. The rest of Joshua is that weekly Sabbath that our finite selves need to embrace, in faith that God is taking care of all our needs.

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