School of Missions Advocacy

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Do you struggle with knowing how to mobilize people, prayer, and finances for missions in a clear and convincing way? In this course, you will be transformed into a more fruitful and effective missions advocate who can help your community become more aware of, and effectively engaged with their part in Jesus’ Great Commission. The principles introduced here can be applied to many diverse contexts. We are eager to encourage and equip you to help others catch God’s heart for the lost in His world.

The SOMA is self-paced which enables busy leaders to get helpful input (at their own pace) on how to help their spheres of influence to step up into greater levels of fruitful involvement in Jesus’s Great Commission. The SOMA includes over 45 short video lessons, with guest instructors and opportunities to connect with other missions mobilizers. There is also an 80% discount for participants from the Global South. That includes most YWAMers in Asia.

This course will reopen for enrollment in September, 2021.

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