Storytelling – Hear and Tell: “Failing Forward”

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Can leaders make mistakes? What happens when we fail while leading others? In this free, online “Storytelling – Hear and Tell” event, we heard stories of personal failure and redemption, and lessons on “failing forward” from Alan Lim and Sim Siau.

Failing is an essential part of learning. Learning leads to growth, to change and hopefully transformation. However, if we do not learn from our failures, it often cripples us; stagnating our growth, inhibiting our lives.

In “Failing Forward,” Simeon Siau shared in an area of personal character failure – “anger.” Alan Lim will shared about ministry failure involving financial mismanagement. You may not struggle or have issues in these two areas, but we hope that the lessons shared can be applicable to most areas of character and ministry failures or weaknesses.

If you missed this opportunity, but would like to watch the video for processing with your staff, please contact us for permission. 


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