Strategic Leadership

12-Week Online Course

Dates of Next Course:

9 September to 9 December 2022

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This 12-week online course focuses on the skills necessary to be a Strategic Leader. It is intended for people who want to establish a new ministry vision and plan, or improve and expand an existing ministry. Participants will learn and apply the principles and skills involved in creating a compelling vision, direction and strategy necessary for the longer-term growth and success of a team or ministry. This includes the basic skills required to think strategically, develop a vision, mission and strategy, make decisions, set priorities, lead change, and effectively delegate.  Participants will be challenged with each week’s assignments to apply the teachings to the unique ministry vision that God is calling them to.

  • 12 weeks
  • A total of 60 hours of focused online learning and studies, including 12 weekly LIVE video calls
  • 4-hours per week are spent completing class assignments, at your convenience
  • 1-hour per week is spent attending a LIVE video call
  • A final 1-page strategy paper must be submitted within 2 weeks of the last LIVE video call
  • It is highly recommended that students set aside one hour per day (Monday – Friday) to spend on the course.  It is ideal if students complete the weekly videos and discussion questions by the end of day each Wednesday so that they can respond to their classmates questions on Thursdays, and thus have all their work done for the week prior to the Friday morning 1-hour calls.
Learning Objectives:
  • Develop a vision and purpose for your current or future ministry
  • Demonstrate the use of strategic thinking skills and principles in forming a strategic plan for your ministry
  • Learn, choose and apply a decision making method to a decision your ministry faces
  • Set 1 and 5 year priorities and goals for the development of your ministry
  • Determine which parts of your strategic plan to delegate and to whom
  • Apply principles of change management to your ministry’s strategic plan
UofN Credit:
  • Completion of all 6 modules, including all related assignments, earns a participant two Learning Component Units (or 2 elective credits) through YWAM’s University of the Nations (UofN) Extension Studies
  • Check with the Dean of your UofN school to ensure that these credits will count toward your preferred degree program
Main Topics/Modules:
  1. Developing Vision and Purpose
  2. Strategic Thinking
  3. Decision Making
  4. Setting Priorities and Goals
  5. Delegation
  6. Leading Change
Course Format:
  • 12+1 online video calls, 1 hour in length each
  • The course includes online video teachings, online group discussions, case study examples, practice and application assignments, a LIVE weekly group video call, a self-evaluation, and optional additional coaching and/or mentoring.
  • Reflection questions and application assignments are given through the online course. Students should expect to spend at least 4 hours every week watching the short teaching videos and replying to reflection and application questions.
  • A final strategy paper and evaluation must be submitted within one month of the last LIVE video call. UofN credit will not be granted without submitting this.
  • Students must demonstrate completion of each module, including all related assignments and evaluations from the modules.
  • Students are expected to engage with other students each week by responding to at least 2 online posts from their fellow classmates from the weekly online discussion questions.
  • Students can miss up to 4 of the 12 weekly LIVE video calls. If students miss a LIVE video call, in order to get course credit, they must still complete all related work assignments, including answering reflection/application questions and engaging in the online discussions.
  • Each of the 6 modules requires coursework to be completed and submitted as homework which will directly apply to the ministry vision that God is calling each student to – it is important that students do not get behind in the coursework or they may not be able to effectively contribute and apply learning to later LIVE video calls in the series.

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