Location: YWAM Seamill Centre, Scotland
Dates: July 24th – September 3rd, 2016

The LDC is a 6 week intensive, interactive course that was first started at the Seamill Centre in Scotland but is now in many locations around the world. If you have had at least 5 years experience as a leader and need some evaluation and focus for what the future holds, then this is the course for you. The course looks into the phases of growth of a leader’s life, mentoring, team building, direction setting and much more. Practical one to one mentoring, peer mentoring, workshops, ministry times and groups of all kinds are a vital part of the course.

Why attend an LDC?
* Get time away from your present responsibilities to seek God
* Understand your gifting and calling for a clarity of focus
* Gain a knowledge of your phase of growth as a leader
* Learn specific skills in leadership and mentoring
* Have team leadership and participatory leadership style modelled
* Enjoy an environment for special encounters with God

Don’t miss the opportunity for a training sabbatical:
* When was the last time you were a student in a YWAM training school?
* Rather than just taking a trip home and speaking in all those churches and meeting with all your supporters how about receiving some leadership input!
* How about enjoying 6 weeks of inspiration and interaction with other leaders?
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What is the LDC?
The leadership development course is 6 weeks of teaching input, discussion in class and mentoring groups, modelling, practical application and prayer into relational leadership. Its all about you as a leader developing yourself and then others on your team. Its about accomplishing the task but building the people on our teams in the process. Or as Ephesians 4 puts it, “equipping the saints for the work of ministry.”

Who is the course for?
Are you moving through transitions without difficulty? Are you understanding keys to deal with any plateauing in your life? Are you clear about your future ministry? Are you aware of your strengths, gifts and weaknesses? Do you feel you are needing a fresh passion and new creativity in your leadership? Does your leadership have an emphasis on developing people? Are you really investing in potential leaders on your base or team? Do you have mentoring relationships at this time? If you answered No to any of these questions, then you probably qualify!
The course has been planned for base, national or ministry leadership team members, or people with similar experience in leadership. We are generally looking for those who have had 4-5 years of leadership experience.

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