Leadership Resources

The ALLC has organized Christian leadership into 3 main areas that we are referring to as “Leadership Essentials“:

That’s a total of 56 areas of leadership! Click the link below to view more information about each leadership skill, character quality, and/or area of spiritual maturity. For each of the 56 aspects of leadership we provide a definition, descriptions of strengths and weaknesses to self-assess yourself, books, online resources, tools and training materials.

Leadership Essentials

The most common leadership roles within YWAM include:

  • School Leaders
  • Ministry Leaders
  • Location or Base Leaders
  • Multi-Geographical Leaders

In addition, we encourage more experienced leaders to serve as Elders, mentors and coaches to younger generations of leaders.

In general, the leadership roles listed above tend to require more skills and experience as you go down the list. Therefore, staff often tend to first serve as either school or ministry leaders.

If you would like to get a sense of how your skills and experience match up with the skill expectations of the leadership roles above, click the link below to self-assess your leadership skills. The assessment results will show you how your skills compare to the typical expected skill levels of each leadership role. You can then look to see what skills you most need to develop if you feel God is calling you to one of these leadership roles.

Leadership Competency Self-Assessment

Click below to view the latest leadership articles and blog postings from experienced leaders throughout Asia who are a part of the ALLC:

  • Free ALLC Book: “2016 – Articles on the Top 10 Leadership Challenges”
  • Audio/Video Blogs
  • Free E-Books
  • Leadership Articles
  • Archive of Monthly Updates
  • For an explanation of mentoring and coaching, and to request a mentor or coach for yourself, click the link below:

    Mentoring & Coaching