These 2 books are intended for all current and emerging Christian leaders in Asia who are interested in growing and developing in their leadership.  They provide short, practical and relevant articles addressing each of the top 20 felt leadership needs of our leaders in Asia.  The articles are written by various YWAM leaders and Elders worldwide.

In 2015, a leadership survey was sent to hundreds of current and emerging YWAM leaders across Asia, asking them to consider 49 leadership competencies and to choose which of them they most needed to personally improve in. Hundreds of leaders responded to the survey in six different languages.

In response to the survey, the ALLC identified the top 20 highest felt leadership needs and began writing articles to address each leadership need.  The first book (part 1) covers ten of the twenty leadership topics, and the second book (part 2) covers the other ten.

Below is a list of those top 20 greatest felt leadership needs from the survey.  The percentage next to each item represents the percentage of responses that indicated that item as an important developmental need.

  1. Building Effective Teams (59%)
  2. Conflict Management (45%)
  3. Work/Life Balance (41%)
  4. Developing Others (40%)
  5. Ministry Fundraising (40%)
  6. Communication Planning (39%)
  7. Motivating and Mobilizing Others (38%)
  8. Developing Vision and Purpose (37%)
  9. Understanding Yourself (34%)
  10. Decision Making (34%)
  11. Strategic Thinking  33%
  12. Team Leadership  33%
  13. Developing Community  33%
  14. Leading with Courage  32%
  15. Delegation  32%
  16. Self Development  32%
  17. Spiritual Disciplines  31%
  18. Biblical Worldview  30%
  19. Spiritually Led  30%
  20. Defining Roles  30%

Looking at the percentages above, chances are that you would like help in at least one of the areas above, too!  We pray that this book would be both an encouragement and a blessing to you.

* You may freely print, copy, forward, and reproduce this book and/or any of the articles within it.  We just ask that you credit the original author(s).  However, please do not change the content nor sell it for financial gain.