Connecting leaders with coaches and mentors, and into ministry circles.

Annual Leadership Summit

Our 10th annual ALLC Leadership Summit will once again be a hybrid event run simultaneously live in Jeju as well as online. This will be a time of learning from one another and also building connections with other leaders across different nations and generations. 

The ALLC leadership summit is the one event where all leaders in our learning community can gather together in-person to connect with each other, continue learning in a face-to-face environment, and discover more learning resources. Each year the location of the summit changes, and in the future we plan to have more than one summit per year in different locations. Past locations have included Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

This year’s leadership summit will be held in Jeju, South Korea from 15-18 May. Registration has closed for this event, but keep checking back for information about the 2 summits that will be held in 2025 in India and the Philippines.