LEADERSHIP involves a complex set of factors that is nearly impossible to perfectly define. With the exception of Jesus, finding a ‘perfect’ leader on this earth is also impossible. However, the ALLC has attempted to define 3 main areas that we believe capture the essentials of Christian leadership. They are:

Spiritual Maturity

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If you wish to develop as a leader, we recommend that you begin by reflecting on how well you demonstrate these 3 essential aspects of leadership and all that they represent. Below you will find a list of 40 competencies, 11 character qualities, and 5 areas of spiritual maturity. We encourage you to:

  • Complete a self-assessment on each of these 3 essential areas of leadership: Competencies, Character, Spiritual Maturity
  • Pick an aspect of leadership that you want to grow and develop in
  • Browse through the information the ALLC provides below about each of the competencies, character qualities and areas of spiritual maturity
  • Set a developmental goal and create a plan to achieve it

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  • Definition
  • Skilled Characteristics
  • Weakness Characteristics
  • Causes of Weaknesses
  • Developmental Advice
  • Resources (books, articles, assessments, tools, & training)