Do You Need a Coach or a Mentor?
Or do you just have a question to ask?


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We all need help in continuing to grow. And both coaching and mentoring are great ways to do so. Let’s look at the difference between the two and see what would work best for YOU!

What is Coaching?

A coach partners with a coachee by asking good questions in order to inspire and motivate the coachee to maximize his personal and/or professional potential. Coaching focuses on helping the coachee to set goals, define action plans, and follow-up on their results. A coach’s expertise resides in his (or her) ability to ask good questions that allow the coachee to set his own goals and determine his own approach to accomplishing his goals. A coach does NOT need to have any expertise in the area the coachee wants to develop in.

What is Mentoring?

A mentor is a person who shares his (or her) own wisdom, experience, guidance and influence with another person. Mentoring may include advising, counseling, and coaching. A mentor is usually chosen because he/she has wisdom and experience in a given area that the mentee wants to learn from. People may have numerous mentors throughout their lives, each with different expertise.

How Does Coaching Work?

A coach uses questions to:

• Help the coachee develop increased self-awareness of needs and wants
• Listen carefully to fully understand the coachee’s circumstances
• Act as a sounding board for the coachee to explore possibilities and make decisions
• Champion opportunities and potential, encouraging stretching goals in alignment with the coachee’s strengths and aspirations
• Foster shifts in the coachee’s thinking that reveal fresh perspectives
• Challenge blind spots to help reveal new possibilities and alternatives
• Follow-up with the coachee’s progress toward goals and completion of action items

The coachee will:

• Set his/her own coaching agenda, goals, and focus areas
• Assume full responsibility for his personal decisions and actions
• Take courageous action in alignment with his personal goals and aspirations

How Does Mentoring Work?

The mentor will:

• Coach, teach, and provide feedback for the mentee
• Challenge the mentee into new ways of thinking and acting – pushing the mentee to stretch his or her capabilities
• Expose the mentee to new assignments and work opportunities
• Role model behaviors, attitudes, and values that lead to success
• Counsel the mentee with difficult dilemmas
• Accept, support, and show respect to the mentee
• Demonstrate personal care for the mentee

The mentee will:
• Have a natural honor and respect for the mentor
• Seek out the mentor for help and input
• Be honest and open with the mentor about one’s goals, strengths, and weaknesses
• Be open to input and feedback from the mentor
• Follow through on advice and counsel from the mentor

So what do YOU most need right now?

A coach?  A mentor?  Both?

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