What is the Leadership Matters Course?

The Leadership Matters Course is a two-week intensive course, focused on developing basic leadership skills for Christian workers around the world facilitated by the International Training Alliance.

For whom is the Leadership Matters Course designed?

The Leadership Matters Course is designed for people who are or will soon be in leadership positions, such as department heads or team leaders. The course is also well-suited for those who may not have large responsibilities over other people, but who have functions in one of the following areas: 1) public relations, 2) training, 3) communication and/or public ministry and/or 4) management.

In terms of the individuals who attend, it will be helpful to keep in mind the following requisites:

English – Because of the highly interactive nature of the training, participants need to be able to express themselves well in English. People who are unable to do so may struggle and find themselves unable to fulfill assignments.

Time commitment for the course – Participants need to be able to give themselves completely for the full two-week period, including evenings and the weekend. There will be little to no time available for continuing ministries, albeit via email, Skype or phone. Go prepared to dedicate the entire time to the course. Only those who attend all sessions and complete all the assignments will receive the course certificate.

Personal motivation – The course is for leaders who have a personal desire to grow in the areas of personal and leadership skills. The design of the course makes it difficult for people to succeed when they feel coerced or forced to attend. A positive attitude and open mind is essential in the LMC training environment.

Upcoming LMC Courses:
Cambodia, January 17 — 30, $800 USD
Cameroon, January 24 — February 05 (Course taught in French)
Germany, March 06 — 19, 750€ EUROS
Zambia, April 10 — 23, $550 USD
Peru, May 8 — 21, $550 USD (Course taught in Spanish)
Philippines, May 15 — 28 (To be confirmed)
China, September 11 — 24
Thailand, October 23 — November 05, $880 USD

For more information and to register, please contact the International Training Alliance here.

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