As of Feb 1st of 2016 the ALLC received 473 leadership surveys from current and emerging Y leaders across Asia, asking them to consider 49 leadership competencies and to choose which of them they most needed to personally improve in. Hundreds of leaders responded to the survey in six different languages.

Below is a list of the top 10 greatest leadership needs from the survey.  The percentage next to each item represents the percentage of responses that indicated that item as an important development need.

  1. Building effective teams  – 59%
  2. Conflict management  – 45%
  3. Work/life balance  – 41%
  4. Developing others  – 40%
  5. Ministry fund raising  – 40%
  6. Communication Planning  – 39%
  7. Motivating and mobilizing others  – 38%
  8. Developing vision and purpose  – 37%
  9. Understanding yourself  – 34%
  10. Decision making  – 34%

Looking at the percentages above, chances are that you would like help in at least one of the areas above, too!  If so, simply click on the item above you’re interested in and you’ll be taken to a page of the ALLC website full of information and resources that can help you.  Or if you’d like to see the full list of leadership competencies, spiritual maturity areas and character qualities that the ALLC provides resources and assistance with, click here:

The ALLC is using YOUR input from these surveys to provide strategic leadership workshops, communications and the yearly YWAM Asia Leadership Summit which directly relate to your greatest felt leadership needs.  Keep your eye out for more information and resources coming from the ALLC on these key topics each month!

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