The ability to utilize a variety of funding sources to effectively raise money.


Money is a necessity for almost all projects and endevours. Good leaders understand the important role of raising funds and place a priority on seeking God's direction on making plans and taking reasonable actions to help see funds come in.

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.Philippians 4:19

Skilled Characteristics

  • Concise

    A clear and concise writer and speaker

  • Confident

    An enthusiastic and confident speaker

  • Rapport

    Able to develop a strong connection and relationship quickly with an audience

  • Inspiring

    Paints a vivid and inspiring picture of a better future when speaking or writing

  • Writer

    Ability to develop funding proposals

“Fundraising is not really about money. It’s about people.”

– Larry Johnson

Unskilled Characteristics

  • Unclear

    Fails to paint a picture of the vision and purpose nor the critical need that exists

  • Poor Presenter

    Poor presentation skills

  • Writing

    Poor writing skills

  • Dull

    Lacks enthusiasm for the cause

  • Wordy

    Unable to explain the vision, strategy and needs in 3 minutes or less

  • Un-Emotional

    Lack of emotions when talking or writing

  • Fear

    Scared to ask others for money or help

  • Insecure

    Insecure or not confident when speaking

  • Disconnected

    Fails to connect with an audience on a personal level

“Fundraising is motivating and asking others to share with you in a great adventure, a vision, and dream.”

– Jerold Panas

Causes of Weakness

  • You Led vs God

    Vision and ministry plans come from the leader instead of from God. Principle: God will provide for what He has called you to do.

  • Lacks Passion

    Lacks commitment or passion about the cause

  • No Confidence

    Lacks confidence in one’s own speaking or writing ability

  • Training

    Lacks knowledge or training in how to develop a funding proposal

  • Narrow

    Not a big picture thinker

  • Communications

    Poor speaking or writing skills

“It is more rewarding to watch money change the world, than to watch money accumulate.”

– Gloria Steinem


Review the simple application steps below and choose 1 or 2 things you can do to spur yourself on to further growth.

  • Clarify Strategic Plan

    CLARIFY STRATEGIC PLAN: If you havent already done so, make sure your team has a clearly defined vision, mission, values, strategy, goals, roles, and plans. Much of this information is needed during the fundraising process.

  • Identify Funding Sources

    IDENTIFY FUNDING SOURCES: Do some research and talk to colleagues doing similar work to get an idea of what type of people and/or organizations commonly give funds for your type of work. Pray about who God wants you to contact. Never presume you know where your funding will come from. It often comes from totally unexpected places.

  • Check Your Heart

    CHECK YOUR HEART: Is this effort truly something you feel called by God to do? Are you 100% committed? Are you excited about it? If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to all 3 questions, you might want to reconsider why you are trying to raise funds for this endevour. Your audience can sense your level of excitement and commitment in your voice, body language and writing.

  • Brush Up

    BRUSH UP: How good are your presentation skills? How strong is your writing? Ask people to critique your presentations and/or writing and see how you can improve. Look for opportunities to speak more often. Keep writing and getting feedback. You’ll only get better. Ask others for examples of their funding proposals or funding videos and presentations. What can you learn from them?

  • Elevator Speech

    ELEVATOR SPEECH: Are you prepared to tell others about your vision, strategy and needs all within a short ride in an elevator? Write down and practice giving an ‘elevator speech’ that you could use to talk to potential donors. It needs to be brief, to the point, interesting, inspiring, and it should let people know what you need and how they can be involved. Now practice, practice, practice.

  • Don't Give Up

    DON’T GIVE UP: Do all that you can do and let God do the rest. No need to worry. Give opportunities for all of your staff to be involved with fund raising for the ministry. It will increase their motivation and commitment levels. And give your friends, family and supporters a chance to champion what you do, too. You’re not in it alone.