Having a sufficient understanding of the unique technical skills and work-specific skills necessary to lead a team in its unique context.


Leaders need to have necessary and sufficient understanding of the methodologies and approaches for the type of work their team or organization does, as well as sufficient technical understanding in order to be able to give high level direction, feedback, correction, and encouragement.

The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out.Proverbs 18:15

Skilled Characteristics

  • Skilled

    Has sufficient functional and technical knowledge, skills and experience related to the team’s line of work to be able to lead others in accomplishing the overall vision

  • Up-To-Date

    Has current training and experience relevant to the technology and functional needs of today

  • Experience

    Has sufficient experience in the functional or technical areas of the team or ministry

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”

– Confucius

Unskilled Characteristics

  • Unskilled

    Lacking functional or technical skills directly related to the ministry

  • Mistakes

    Makes technical or functional mistakes often

  • Judgment

    Judgment and decision making is marginal because of lack of knowledge or experience

  • Outdated

    May be stuck using outdated skills and methodologies

  • Inexperienced

    May be inexperienced, be new to the functional area of the ministry, or lack interest in it

  • Details

    Lack of detail orientation or interest to learn a specific functional or technical skill related to one’s line of work

  • Not a Learner

    May not make the time to continually learn new skills

“Knowing is not enough.

We must APPLY.

Willing is not enough.

We must DO.”

– Bruce Lee

Causes of Weakness

  • Inexperienced

    Lack of experience in the functional or technical areas unique to the ministry

  • Not Detailed

    Lacks a desire or interest in learning functional or technical skills directly related to the ministry

  • Lacks Interest

    Lack of interest in the specific area the ministry or team focuses on

  • Time

    Does not have or prioritize time to learn more about the functional area of one’s ministry

  • Outdated

    Stuck in a past technology or an old way of doing things

“Never underestimate the power of stupid.”

– Richard King


Review the simple application steps below and choose 1 or 2 things you can do to spur yourself on to further growth.

  • Mentor

    FiND A MENTOR: Seek out a seasoned leader who works in the same general area as you. Ask whether he/she would mind mentoring you. Most good leaders don’t mind having a few ‘apprentices’ around. Proactively ask questions about each area of expertise you need to develop such as, ‘How do you know what’s important? What do you look at first? Second? What are the five keys you always look at or for? What do you read? Who do you go to for advice?’

  • Attend

    ATTEND: Look for opportunities to attend workshops, seminars and events that relate to areas you need further knowledge and experience in.

  • Read

    READ: Use the internet to seek out and read the best books that have been written related to the areas you need more knowledge in. Are there any journals or magazines on this subject? Are there blogs on this subject that you can subscribe to?

  • Teach Others

    TEACH OTHERS: Having to teach what you know will force you to conceptualize and understand it more deeply.