Being accountable to God and led by His Spirit to influence people from where they are to where God wants them to be.


To be led by the Holy Spirit just means to be obedient to Him... we are free to obey God simply because we love Him and we know that everything He tells us to do, or not do, is for our good... We just need to learn to follow His lead. - Joyce Meyers

And we impart this in words not taught by human wisdom but taught by the Spirit, interpreting spiritual truths to those who are spiritual.1 Corinthians 2:13

Skilled Characteristics

  • Seeking

    Seeking God to teach and guide oneself

  • Sensitive

    Being sensitive and responsive to the convicting of the Holy Spirit

  • Pray To

    Praying to God about important decisions in life

  • Pray With

    Praying with others

  • Open

    Being open to God speaking to you from His Word, through His Spirit, through others, and through life circumstances

  • Testing

    Filtering life and life decisions through the Word of God

What is the most impactful thing you have done that has made the greatest positive impact on your spiritual walk with God?

Unskilled Characteristics

  • Self

    Trusting in one’s own knowledge and experience more than God

  • Lack of Prayer

    Making important decisions without first seeking God in prayer

  • Lack of Input

    Making important decisions without first seeking the wisdom of other Christian elders

  • No Alignment

    Following one’s own understanding or the advice of others without considering if the action is in alignment with God’s Word

  • Fearful

    Refusing to follow God’s Word or the prompting of the Holy Spirit when risk or fear is involved

What is your greatest weakness or fear as it relates to being spiritually led?

Causes of Weakness

  • Spirit

    Not being born again of the Spirit of God

  • Trust Issues

    Difficulties trusting God

  • Experiences

    Past life experiences that have tainted one’s understanding of God or His character

  • Role Models

    Lack of role models in one’s life demonstrating how to be led by God

  • Failures

    Past failures in hearing God and thus not trusting that one hears from God correctly

  • Pride

    Pride in one’s own past success and abiity, and thus often not feeling the need to involve God in various life situations

Which of these weaknesses do you need to overcome?


Review the simple application steps below and choose 1 or 2 things you can do to spur yourself on to further growth.

  • 1

    Pray about important life decisions and believe that God will speak to you about them.

  • 2

    Seek out the advice of trusted Christian elders.

  • 3

    Ask God for direction, advice, and correction.

  • 4

    Obey God when He speaks to you.

  • 5

    Pray with others.

  • 6

    Spend consistent quality time with God and His Word.

  • 7

    Be quick to confront sin in your life.

  • 8

    Be humble in all things.

  • 9

    Show thankfulness and gratitude in all things.