by Jay Bransford

Imagine this…. God speaks to you about something He wants you to do, somewhere He wants you to go, and/or about a people He wants you to help reach.  You obey.  But you have many questions, and many needs.  You think to yourself, “I’ve never done this before!  Where do I start?  How do I gather or lead a team?”  To your relief, an experienced YWAM leader takes you under his/her wing to help coach and mentor you along the way.  You are able to connect with other people with a similar heart and vision who are wiling to share their experiences, approaches, and resources with you.  There are online tools for you to assess yourself, locate leadership resources, find leadership training events, ask questions, and connect with more colleagues, mentors, and coaches.  As a result, you begin to see your ministry thrive, grow, and multiply.  And you begin to give back by mentoring and developing other new leaders.  Is this all possible?  Yes!  It’s what the ALLC exists for!


ALLC stands for the Asia Leaders Learning Community.  And as the name implies, the ALLC exists to see leaders in Asia growing, thriving and multiplying as they serve together as a community of learners.


Through the ALLC website and Facebook page, you now have access to leadership assessments, resources, training events, and experienced leaders you can request coaching and mentoring from.   Plan to attend our annual leadership summit each year in Chiang Mai to learn and connect more.


Join the ALLC community today!  Everyone is encouraged to be a part of the ALLC – both as a learner and as a collaborator willing to serve and develop future leaders. Let’s multiply ourselves, our ministries and the Kingdom!


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