FaceTime Leader: Averyl Aeria
Date: March 14th, 2017
Time: 10:00AM-12:00PM ICT (Bangkok Time)
Group Limit: 10 people
Cost: Free!
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What is FaceTime?
FaceTime is an informal, interactive, discussion-focused dialogue online between an experienced leader (or ‘Elder’) and a group of 5-10 emerging and current leaders.

What is the Purpose of FaceTime?
The purpose of a FaceTime session is to give newer leaders a chance to spend quality time with an experienced leader, learning about leadership directly from the experienced leader, through asking questions and hearing stories.

To register to attend this FaceTime event, please contact us.

About the Speaker:
Averyl Aeria is originally from Singapore but currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand. Averyl has been in YWAM since 1983 and living in Thailand since 1995. Her main passion is to challenge thinking of younger leaders, provoking and inspiring them to live in a way that will express God’s heart and mind. Averyl’s desire is to exhort and encourage leaders to meet their personal and ministry goals.

Some other topics that Averyl is passionate about and therefore potential focus areas for her FaceTime are:


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