By Alan Lim


Below are some perspectives and advice about Money and Support Raising… 

5 Things to Know About Money:

  1. Money is a commodity… Relationship to money is an attitude
  2. Money is amoral… Love of money is idolatry
  3. Money is to serve… Dependency on money is bondage
  4. Money is a gift from God… Accumulation of money is slavery
  5. Money is opportunity for generosity… Using money to control is wickedness

Attitude Towards Money:

  1. Don’t worry about money – Mat 6:25-34
  2. Set priorities right – Mat 6:33
  3. Be diligent and responsible – Prov 12:24; 1 Thess 4:11-12
  4. Invest money and see it grow – Mat 25:14-30
  5. Be generous – Mal 3:10; 2Cor 8:1-5

Things/topics to think and reflect about with respect to finances and support:

  1. Faith and Finances: Life is a journey in hearing, obeying and trusting God.
  2. Have you ever seen a worried bird? Remember that God cares about us and for us.
  3. Friend Raising vs Fund Raising.  Remember that supporters are people.  Relate with them and invest in them by sharing your life’s stories and journeys together.

FAITH Comes From:

  1. Knowing what God wants you to do (hearing)
  2. Obeying whatever He shows you to do (obeying)
  3. Trusting Him to do what you cannot do, in His way and in His time (trusting)

Attitude Towards Fundraising:

  1. Supporters as people and friends, not sources of money
  2. Respecting people whether they give or not
  3. Accountability to relationships
  4. Integrity of communication and information
  5. Trusting God because He is the Source

What to Do in Fund Raising?
  1. Define clear goals and purpose that is worth supporting
  2. Make a clear presentation and provide a clear way to give
  3. Identify people who have shown confidence in what you do, and who love you and believe in you
  4. Present a clear budget or financial plan for openness and transparency
  5. Ask God what you are to ask them for and how you are to ask
  6. Express a clear and simple PLEASE and THANK YOU

What NOT to do in Fundraising?


  1. Guilt: “If you do not support us, the work of God will die.”
  2. Pity: “As you can see from the pictures, this is all we have. But we are rejoicing even though we have nothing. “


  1. Donor Greed: “This investment of your gift will increase in value ten times in three years. I promise you that.”
  2. Donor Fear: “The bible says, “Give and it shall be given to you..” But if you do not give, all you have will be taken away from you. I am praying for you.”
  3. Donor Pride: “ Just for the sake of openness and transparency, we would like to put your name on ALL the buildings because we appreciate your gift to build our YWAM center. “

How Much Support is Enough? 

Another way to think of this is to consider the following 3 things:

  1. Character – Don’t ask, “How much can I trust God to give me?’, but rather, ‘How much can He trust me with?’
  2. Calling – A worker is worthy of his hire. God provides according to our level of responsibility and to the ministry needs of what He has called us to.
  3. Culture – We should try to live in a reasonable and culturally appropriate manner – not overly extravagant.


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