Learning Leader 1

Dear YWAM Leaders,

Welcome to the first of what we hope will be many helpful forms of communication from the group of contributors serving the Asia Leaders Learning Community (ALLC).

Geographically, we are primarily focused on all the peoples from Turkey to Tahiti, but not exclusively, as we want the Learning Community to be inclusive of learning leaders on all quadrants of the globe. And, we are located in Chiang Mai to provide an easily-accessible, safe place to come together for times of fellowship and growth. We want all of you who are engaged in leadership development to have a place where you can be championed in your cause and give your unique and effective approach a broader exposure. Your input is desired, whether you are working in a remote tribal setting or in a complex metropolis with diverse, numerous systems of outreach. If you have answers, we want you to have a voice, and if you have questions, we want you to be heard. If you need help, we genuinely want to serve you with all that the Lord puts in our hands.

With great anticipation of the journey ahead, love and blessings,

Tom Hallas

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