By Jay Bransford

The bible makes it clear that Christians are meant to be led by God’s spirit.  Romans 8:14 says, “For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.”  In John 10:27 it describes how being led by God works, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”  This highlights two main responsibilities we have as followers of Christ:

A common challenge that we face as Christians is knowing WHEN it is actually God who is speaking to us so that we can have faith and confidence to obey.

Loren Cunningham, YWAM’s founder, identified three pillars that I am referring to as the “tripod” for being spiritually led.  Loren originally identified these three things as key elements for seeing apostolic growth.  But they also apply well to our own processes of learning as leaders how to be led by God.  The three legs of the tripod are:

Freedom in the Spirit

Every person, regardless of age, should have freedom in the Spirit to hear from God and obey.  This means giving people a chance to receive revelation from God, interpret that revelation, and apply what they understand.  However, it can be dangerous to do this in a vacuum (without involving others).  Healthy spiritual leadership encourages us not to live, think, and make our decisions independently.  This leads us to…

Spiritual Eldership

Spiritual Elders have a generally recognized depth of Christian experience and maturity.  As such, they are submitted to the Lordship of Jesus and to being servant leaders.  Involving spiritual elders in your decision making process means inviting them to pray about the things you believe God is speaking to you (or your team) and allowing them to test those words against scripture.


God represents to us the perfect example of unity in relationship.  He is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The 3-person Godhead (or Trinity) works in perfect relationship in speaking, listening, and doing.  This mirrors well the relationship that we should seek with our team and respected elders as we desire to be spiritually led.  We should strive to avoid complete autonomy and independence, and as elders we should avoid clenching onto absolute control.  Decisions should first and foremost be based upon honoring and respectful relationships – trusting that God can and does speak to each one of us.

Where to Start in Being Led by God

 Note:  The following is not meant to be a process to follow, but rather to be helpful principles and practices to try to incorporate into your life.

Two things to help you on your journey of learning to be spiritually led:


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