Webinar Topic: Understanding Our Role as Great Commission Leaders to Shape the Spheres of Influence for God’s Purposes
Webinar Facilitator: David Hamilton
Date: TBD
Group Limit: 15 people
Registration: Contact us

Purpose and Objectives of a Webinar:

• To expand participants’ knowledge, experience and toolset regarding a specific leadership topic
• To give participants an opportunity to learn from an experienced leader, ask questions, and apply new learning
• To connect and network participants with other leaders across Asia who have similar interests, focus areas, or needs
• To provide quick, relevant, and affordable (free) access to short leadership trainings that do not require participants to travel

About the Speaker:
David Hamilton is the the father of many mission innovations such as 4K, Uniscript and the SourceView Bible. He is gifted at painting the big picture of missions as well as developing strategies on how to reach all nations. He has served with YWAM for over 30 years.

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