by Jay Bransford

Are you a leader?

A leader is anyone who influences others towards a common purpose.
If you influence others toward Christ, then you can consider yourself a leader.

Do you desire to see ‘Y’ having an even greater impact on the Kingdom?

There has been a Word of the Lord to our Elders to expect tremendous growth within Y, with the expectation for us to have an even greater impact on His Kingdom. Jim Stier has said that the # of our staff directly relates to our # of equipped leaders. In other words, we will only grow to the extent that we have enough capable leaders in place.

What critical role do you play in this growth?

• Growing personally as a leader
• Developing and multiplying FUTURE leaders around you

What is the ALLC?

ALLC stands for the “Asia Leaders Learning Community”. And its purpose is to equip, connect and resource leaders throughout Asia. It is a community of leaders dedicated to learning, thriving, collaborating, and multiplying leaders and the Kingdom. Everyone is welcome to be a part of the ALLC.

How can you be a part of this growth?

Here’s a way to help you prepare yourself and others in a global role that impacts nations…
It’s an opportunity for you to be developed as a leader by our Y family across Asia…
And it’s an opportunity for you to develop future generations of leaders across Asia.
This is an opportunity for you to be a part of a community called the ‘ALLC’.

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